We offer the latest in diagnostic imaging technologies for your pet.


Why is my vet suggesting diagnostic imaging?


A complete physical exam is only part of the picture. Sometimes further tests are required to obtain an accurate diagnosis and select the right treatment for your pet.

When is diagnostic imaging used?

Some common situations where forms of diagnostic imaging may be recommended include the following:

  • Lameness - X-rays are required to rule out broken bones, evaluate arthritis and examine the joints.
  • Heart murmurs - X-rays can determine whether heart function is compromised, while ultrasound can determine the cause of a murmur.
  • Breathing problems - X-rays evaluate lung function.
  • Vomiting - X-rays check for foreign objects within the intestines or stomach, tumors and other intestinal diseases.
  • Abnormal blood test results - Ultrasound is useful for evaluating liver, kidney and other problems, when abnormalities are found on blood tests.
  • Pregnancy assessment - X-rays can assess the number of babies your pet may be carrying, while ultrasound can be used in early pregnancy diagnosis and determining dates.


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