Vaccination4Life is a lifetime vaccination plan that saves you up to 75%

Vaccinations are vital to keeping your pet healthy and happy, which is why we came up with our Vacc4Life program! 

A one-off payment of $495 provides your pet with annual boosters and health checks for the rest of their life.


Is FIV included?

For an extra $50 you can have them included for the rest of your pet’s life.

Is pro-heart injection included?

Unfortunately not.

Does it include the consult price?


What is the age limit?

7 years or younger.

Are rabbits included?

Yes, this works out very cost effective as we vaccinate rabbits every 6 months.

Are other preventatives included, such as Intestinal worming and flea preventive?

Unfortunately not.

Are all my puppy/kitten’s initial vaccines covered under Vaccination4Life?

Yes, all vaccines as directed by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association Guidelines are covered.

Can I transfer my Vaccination4Life membership from one pet to the other?

Unfortunately not.

Download our Vaccination4Life brochure here.

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