Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Pre-School!

Training your puppy is exciting and challenging! We are here to help! Puppy pre-school is an effective and fun way to get your puppy not only trained but socialised amongst other puppies and their owners!

If you are soon to, or have just brought home a new puppy, our 5 Week Puppy Pre-School Program will provide you with information and skills to train your new furry friend to become a well mannered and confident, socialised puppy. Our group puppy classes are a fun and interactive way to bond with and train your new puppy. We help give your puppy the best start at life through education on common puppy problems, providing socialisation opportunities with other pups and assisting with basic manners training.

Our Puppy Pre-School Program is run by a Delta Qualified Puppy Behaviour Consultant, using the latest science-based positive, reward-based training methods.

Examples of what can be covered include the following…

  • A Puppy Shopping List including equipment such as comfortable and appropriate collars, leads and harnesses 
  • How to safely socialise your puppy
  • How to understand your puppy’s body language
  • How to help prevent separation distress 
  • How to provide your puppy with appropriate enrichment
  • Mouthing and chewing
  • Toilet training
  • Cues such as: name recognition and response, go to mat sit, drop, stay, recall, loose lead walking, look, leave it and swap, as well as a few cute tricks! 
  • How to manage common puppy behaviours such as: jumping, barking, digging 
  • Teaching your puppy how to settle
  • Managing puppy and children interactions 
  • Managing multi-dog/animal households


Our Puppy Pre-School Program runs weekly for 5 weeks and is available for puppies 8-20 weeks of age. The first session will be held on zoom as an information session with owners only.

Our Trainer

Nicole Kenning

Nicole began working with dogs and studying positive reward-based dog training in 2016, whilst working alongside some of the best trainers (and dogs!) in Melbourne.

Qualifications & Learning

2020: First Aid HLTAID003

2020: Living and Learning with Animals Certificate Behaviorworks+ with Dr. Susan Friedman 

2019: An Evening with Dr. Susan Friedman 

2019: Communication, Arousal & Problematic Behaviours with Craig Ogilvie

2019: Delta Institute Dog Behaviour Conference - Take the Lead: Exploring the Relevance of Dog Emotional Health in Training with Dr. Sarah Heath

2017: Delta Institute Dog Behaviour Conference - Being A Dog with Dr. Alexandra Horowitz 

2016-present: Delta Institute Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services 

2016: Wagging School Instructor Training & Behaviour Skills


Puppy Pre-school program - $180 for 5 week course.

Private Behaviour Consultations

In addition to our regular group sessions, we also offer private behavioural consultations. These can be tailored to suit you and your puppy’s individual needs and environment.

To Book

For more information, or to book, please call Glen Iris Veterinary Hospital on (03) 9822 4952 or email behaviour@glenirisvethospital.com.au