One-on-one training is a great way to teach your dog good behaviour and tricks. The benefits of one on one training include faster learning and less distractions.

One on one programs are designed to be suited for dogs who are nervous or hyper active around other dogs. If you think your dog will benefit from one on one training we can recommend you experienced trainers who are professional and excellent at what they do!

Quick and tailored dog training

A trainer can work with you and tailor training to meet your and your pet’s specific needs. This method of training is essential if your dog is worried or distracted by other dogs or stresses in situations outside your home.

The trainer will also work with you to understand your dog’s behaviour and recognise when your dog is anxious or confused.

If your dog has a behaviour problem which is being managed by a vet, a trainer can help you with your behaviour modification plan.

Use positive reinforcement

We recommend using positive reinforcement when training your dog. Positive reinforcement refers to training by rewarding your dog when they perform the right behaviour.

Positive reinforcement training provides easy and fast learning and makes training pleasant for you and your dog. Positive reinforcement training is essential when working with dogs with behaviour problems, such as anxiety or noise phobias, as it does not make these problems worse.

Tips for training success

  • Find a reward your pet will work for. Food is the best reward as it is highly motivating, but some pets are also motivated by toys, games or cuddles.
  • Be consistent. Use the same command and hand gesture every time and reward every time to get the fastest results.
  • Be clear. Use simple one word commands in the same tone of voice and small concise gestures - using long sentences is confusing.
  • Be calm. Training should be enjoyable, so if you find yourself getting frustrated, take a break.
  • Keep the training sessions short. Your pet will not get tired or distracted.
  • Reward immediately
  • Set your dog up for success with incremental steps

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