Obedience Classes

Obedience classes are a great way to socialise your dog and teach him or her a few new behaviours.

Obedience classes are not only for teaching your dog desired behaviours, but also include the fun of teaching your dog new tricks! Obedience classes are also a good way to teach your older dog good behaviour in a social environment.

Teach your adult dog new tricks!

Obedience classes are a good way to teach your older dog good behaviour in a social environment.

Obedience classes can help you teach your dog to sit, stay, drop and recall in a variety of situations and with a variety of distractions. Many dog obedience classes also offer other fun activities like flyball and agility.

Most obedience classes are happy for you to come and observe a class without your dog so you can get an idea of how the class runs.

Make sure to check with your obedience class what equipment is required in terms of leads, collars, harnesses and waste bags.

Choose positive reinforcement

We recommend joining an obedience class that uses positive reinforcement training methods.

Positive reinforcement refers to training by rewarding your dog when they perform the right behaviour.  Positive reinforcement training provides easy and fast learning and makes training pleasant for you and your dog.

When obedience training won't work

Obedience classes may not be suitable for all dogs, as some dogs may benefit from more personalised training or for more specific problems.

If you think your dog may have difficulty learning in a class situation then one-on-one training may be the solution.

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