Heartworm Treatment

Heartworm prevention is essential.

Heartworm is a worm that lives within the dog's heart and is spread by mosquitoes. Although prevalence of heartworm has declined within the dog population, it is very prevalent within the fox population. Melbourne has a very large fox population, so prevention is even more important.

A heartworm prevention program should be started from the time of first vaccination and can be easily updated at each annual vaccination.

Puppy heartworm protection

We recommend heartworm injections as the best puppy heartworm protection. The first heartworm injection is given at 12 weeks of age and is the only heartworm preventative that can kill all heartworm larvae. A second injection is given at 5 to 6 months.

This form of treatment ensures your puppy will not have heartworm, whereas other strategies can't ensure this.

Although this is the method that we recommend, it is not the only method. Tablets and all-wormers do exist and we can discuss these treatments with you, should you need advice. Please note: if you miss a dose of the tablets, blood tests will be required to test for heartworm larvae.

If your pet is not currently receiving heartworm treatment, please contact us.

More information

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