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Helping Your Furry Friends Combat Seasonal Allergies – The Glen Iris Vet Hospital

As nature bursts into life during the spring and summer months, it’s not just us humans who find ourselves grappling with seasonal allergies. Our beloved pets, with their sensitive systems, can also be affected by the abundance of airborne irritants [...]

Why Dogs’ Nails Need to be Trimmed | Glen Iris Vet

Long nails can cause pain for pooches if left untrimmed, which is why it is important to monitor your fur friend’s paws. Over time, long nails can curl downwards and cause damage to the pet’s skin. They can also put [...]

Importance of Blood Analysis for our Pets | Glen Iris Vet

Importance of Blood Analysis for our Pets Blood analysis is an excellent tool available to veterinarians. A complete blood profile provides vital information concerning your pet’s organs. Even in the absence of symptoms, some pets may be experiencing changes in [...]