Small Animals Advice

Do you need advice or help for your pet rabbit or guinea pig? Interested in purchasing a snake or lizard? Worried that your pet fish or bird is unwell?

We're happy to help!

Welcoming a new pet home is an exciting time, but preparation is the key to make the introduction as smooth as possible! Make sure you have all the necessary equipment to house your new pet, including hutches for rabbits, tanks for fish and reptiles and cages for birds. Make sure your aquarium has had time to cycle before adding in any fish and that you have the appropriate heat lamps and lighting for your reptile.

We are happy to help with advice on training your new pocket pet, including toilet training rabbits and basic obedience training for birds. A health check is important for your new pet, and we can advise you on vaccinations, parasite control and desexing.

Does my pocket pet need to see a specialist vet?

We have experience in handling and treating all types of small animals and reptiles. We're happy to answer any questions about appropriate diet, exercise requirements, preventative health care or medical concerns.

Please remember that not all veterinary clinics are able to provide care for reptiles, birds and fish, so it is best to call first to find out.

We provide up-to-date information about fish, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs. In fact, any small animal or pocket pet! Browse the pet care information below or contact us at any time.


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