Dr Francesca Black

Veterinarian BMus BSci DVM

My name is Francesca (Chess for short). 

I graduated from the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2019 from the University of Melbourne. I recently took on the position of Clinical co-ordinator for ‘Pets in the Park’ – a charity that offers free veterinary care to people with pets who are experiencing homelessness. I love the variety that GP medicine provides and I cherish following the journey through a pet’s life.

My partner and I are owned by a naughty canine called Panda.  Panda is likely the descendent of at least 30 different breeds of dog.  She wears the label ‘pound surprise’ with pride.Before becoming a vet, I was a cellist and music teacher. I still enjoy playing cello with the Stonnington Symphony Orchestra and curating playlists for hospital patients (classical for cats and reggae for dogs).