Fantastic Veterinary Clinic. Staff that genuinely care about your pet. You can always tell when a vet is an animal lover. The vet patted my cat before she picked her up and from then onwards my cat was relatively calm as opposed to other clinics we have been to where my cat has been highly anxious. Knowledgeable vets, friendly reception staff and Highly recommend!

Jessica Kermeci

Absolutely fantastic, the staff are great and this is the first ever time that we have had calls from a vet asking how our animal is and he is a guinea pig, so very caring and thoughtful staff there. We have been going to the same vet for years, but I think its time to change Jim is a patient there now so the rest will have to go too.

Christine Martin

Thank you so much for your care of Rocco! You made us feel comfortable and your clinic is 5 star quality in every area of service!

Violeta Lozanovska

Village Vets Delahey is the best vet clinic I’ve ever been to. The staff are caring and efficient and truly love all animals. In the last 2 years my cat has been seen by all the vets there and they are all gentle, thorough and forthcoming with diagnosis and treatment options. I’m very happy a family member discovered and recommended them, I know my cat is truly getting the best care.

Danielle Nikolic

Wonderful vets and wonderful people. I had to put my cat to sleep a few weeks ago and the staff were amazing. They let us stay as long as we wanted and the Vet answered all of our endless questions so we knew we were doing the right thing. They let us stay back at least half an hour after closing so we could say goodbye to our beloved Lemming. Then yesterday, I got a card in the mail with a handwritten note from the Vets sending their thoughts. It was a very sweet and beautiful gesture that my family and I appreciated immensely. Thank you Village Vets Delahey for being so wonderful and caring. You made a really difficult and sad time for us bearable.

Natalia Supermario

Everyone at Village Vets is so kind, loving, patient and genuinely care about your pet and make you feel at ease. I live closer to other vet clinics, but make the drive because of their excellent service from girls at the reception to the nurses and doctors. From the moment you walk in you know they really care, understand and take seriously your concern and more importantly provide the same professional care and service to your Guinea Pig as they do to your dog. That was so great about them and something that’s very important to me is that they really give you their time and do everything they can and check everything even if you go in for one thing without rushing you.

I recently lost my beloved pets, but am so thankful for all the hard work everyone put in and the love they showed. From daily calls while she was sick to make sure everything was okay, to the care and respect they showed her in her end and hand written cards of sympathy, they really make you feel like they care just as much as you do about your pet.

Anna Withanage

Villiage Vets is one of the best vet clinics I have been too, they are always very nice, compassionate, empathetic and understanding of your needs. Villiage Vets makes you feel like they have known you for a long time, they don’t treat you like a number but a person, they truly care for your animal. I always have a great experience every time I go to the vets.

Victoria Anne

Very good service. Village vets are family based, shows compassionate care for their customers and little paw patients. Exceptional service, cannot fault this vet. You have raving fans!

Thu Nguyen

I took my 3 year old Bernese in with an ear infection- Snuffy was in a lot of pain, but Dr Jason took the genuine time and care with him and couldn’t have asked for any more.

Fiona Branford

Thanks to the team for your wonderful care. I’ve found the whole team there truly passionate about the wellbeing of fur babies. Over the past 2 months they’ve been very thorough and helpful getting my rescue doggie up to ideal health. Pre-op and post-op calls to check Buddy’s status were made. They expertly slotted us in for some unexpected pain management on a fully booked afternoon. The communication of the team is outstanding in my own experience; all costs, pro and cons, health related issues were openly discussed, and even advised expected wait times when they were flat out (a small but appreciated courtesy!) Thanks guys!!


Great prices, great service!! Highly recommended!!!

Michael G

Local vet nearby which has cared for my dogs when they needed veterinary care. Kind and caring staff who I trust with my precious pet.

Kathryn Tobin

My cat, Olivia, needed to be desexed and I was looking for the perfect veterinary clinic to get the job done. So I asked my family and friend and most of them recommended this veterinary clinic. So Olivia was desexed today and am so happy I made the right decision for bringing her to Village Vets. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and also did an amazing job on Olivia. Thank you guys so much

Vlad S

I have taken my now passed away poodle cross Kyle to this vet practice for dog grooming. Kyle did not bark and I know that he felt comfortable at this practice. The staff are always willing to help and accomodate me with appointment times. The dog groomer was so friendly and did a fantastic job in grooming of Kyle. I have recently made several phone calls to this vet practice to enquire about puppy school for our newly bought Japanese spitz Akira. Victoria is always so polite, friendly and helpful to me. We will be taking Akira to see one of the nurses for a free consultation to talk about how to train Akira to go to the toilet outside and also with biting. Then we will book him in to the puppy school for the January sessions.

I am very impressed with the quality and standard of the customer service provided by Victoria at this vet practice. I would not hesitate to tell my friends to take their pets there. Thank you very much.

Patricia Chalmers

Crystal Clear on what options were available and total care for my mate, Brock, would have no hesitation on going back or recommending. Thank you

Matthew Atkins

Definitely the Best Vets, they get my vote “1”

Andrew March

I took Bronte, a gorgeous 7 year old chocolate labrador to the Glen Iris Vet Clinic this afternoon. The vet on duty, Claire, was very kind and extremely competent. When she first met Bronte, she gave Bronte a pigs ear and immediately became Bronte’s new best friend. She not only examined Bronte in the consultation room, but also took her for a walk down the street to check out her gait. Unfortunately Bronte has developed a common ‘labrador complaint’ (arthritis) and she has been commenced on anti-inflammatory medication. Claire hopes that the medication will bring a spring back into her step. Bronte is already looking forward to her visit next week (and another pig ear!).

Sarah Russell

Amazing place with such caring and wonderful service. Love them

Kristin Flanagan

Our family dog ‘Bella’ gets treated here and she loves vet visits now. We couldn’t ask for more.

Katie O'Brien